Adidas Shop @ Macys Herald Square

New York, NY


Built for Adidas, this brand designed shop-in-shop within the iconic Macy’s Herald Square features simple, clean, and product-first design. Built to turn heads, draw foot traffic, and facilitate shopping, this space showed off new products from Adidas. To deliver this experience for guests, Adidas turned to Morgan Li.

With experience throughout Manhattan including GAP and Old Navy flagships, Morgan Li created this space with metal and wood fixtures to adorn this shop-in-shop.

Adidas Signage in floor fixture at shop-in-shop in Macys Herald Square Floor fixture built for Adidas shop-in-shop by Morgan Li Adidas shop in shop at Macy's Herald Square built by Morgan Li Retail fixtures and displays at Macy's Herald Square by Morgan Li Shop in shop displays for Adidas at Macy's Herald Square Floor display at Adidas shop in shop at Macy's New York City Floor displays and fixtures within shop in shop space built for Adidas Apparel fixture by Morgan Li at Adidas Shop in Shop Macy's Herald Square Mannequins, Graphics, and displays at Adidas Shop in Shop Mannequin at Adidas shop in shop Macy's Herald Square Display space in Adidas Shop in Shop at Macy's Herald Square Floor displays by Morgan Li at adidas Shop in Shop Macys Herald Square NYC Display space by Morgan Li Apparel fixture, displays, and floor space built for Adidas by Morgan Li
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