Morgan Li Student Housing Webinar with Roomy & Core Spaces

The Secrets to Creating Unforgettable Student Living Experiences


In today’s student housing environment, experience is everything—and every detail matters. On-campus, off-campus, it doesn’t matter if it’s sophomores or seniors; students expect more from spaces. Whether that’s something a bit more exciting than a lofted double or an apartment built to leave a lasting impression, today’s students crave something different. Something bigger. A launchpad.

But it takes a special focus to elevate living—and create an unforgettable experience.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be a part of some recent projects at USC, UIUC, USF, and Auburn, projects that brought combined unique vision, modular design, and custom furniture to create something special for students.

Join Morgan Li, Core Spaces, & Roomy on March 28, 2023 for an Inside Scoop

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar for Student Housing Business Magazine. On March 28, 2023, Morgan Li will present a joint case study with development & design experts on what it takes to bring a student housing vision to life.

Featuring panelists form Core Spaces, Roomy, and Morgan Li, this informative webinar will cover the path from finishing a build to furnishing it. Learn how Core Spaces’ UX Playbook combines with Roomy’s design and Morgan Li’s build-to-spec fabrication to create unforgettable living experiences at spaces like Hub LA Coliseum, Hub Tampa, Hub Champaign, and oLiv Auburn.

On March 28, 2023, Morgan Li is proud to sponsor this inside look at what it takes to create a space that students consider “the best place to live on campus.”

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Student Housing Case Study: Partnering with a Custom Furniture Fabricator Brings a Vision to Life

Whether you’re mid-build or planning a refresh, consider this webcast your secret playbook for creating a space that stands out—on-campus or off. In this one-hour webinar with Q&A session, experts in development, design, and fabrication discuss the following:

  • The vision for these projects and how it differs from what’s currently available.
  • The goals for the design and how modularity and finish play a role at each property.
  • Why is build-to-spec furniture becoming popular the benefits for stakeholders.
  • Leveraging Domestic & Import Production Capabilities to Tackle Freight & Supply Chain Issues.

Featuring some of the brightest minds in student housing development, design, and furniture fabrication, prepare your questions early for a brief ten-minute Q&A session, bound to be a spirited part of this webinar.

Event Details

This webinar is complimentary, thanks to sponsor Morgan Li, which specializes in custom design, fabrication and installation of fixtures, furniture and graphics. Family-owned and operated, Morgan Li has millions of square feet of global production space, offices throughout the United States and Asia, and clients around the world.

Don’t have time for the webcast? Not to worry! Simply register anyway; our friends at Student Housing Business Magazine will be sure to send you over the deck, video, and additional information on Morgan Li.


Combining the efforts of a top-ten owner, an award-winning designer, and a furniture fabrication powerhouse, you’ll get to hear from some of the most exciting minds about what it takes to create something unforgettable. Here are some of the names already announced.

Mitchell Dalton, Chief Innovation Officer, Core Spaces

As Chief Innovation Officer, Mitch is responsible for ensuring new developments and acquisitions adhere to Core’s programmatic, qualitative and financial objectives. This includes site identification, market research, feasibility analysis, and underwriting, project programming and design, budgeting and scheduling, as well as project management and delivery.

Diana Lu Barabe, Co-Founder, Roomy

Diana Lu Barabe was born and raised in Chicago.  She received her BFA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2003.  She’s been working as a Furniture Designer for over 10 years and recently recognized for her work at Interior Define and CB2 stores nationwide.  Her designs have also been featured in multiple magazines and blogs.

Andy Rosenband, CEO at Morgan Li

Co-Founder of Morgan Li and the visionary behind Morgan Li, Andy has spent the last decade and a half leading Morgan Li to be one of the most thriving, nimble, innovative fixture manufacturing companies out there. In addition to leading Morgan Li and driving the company’s growth, Andy has spearheaded the company’s green and environmental efforts.

Jonathan Rosenband, President, Morgan Li

Co-founder & president at Morgan Li, Jonathan keeps the gears turning. As president of Morgan Li, Jonathan helps drive vision and product innovation to the company and its partners through his extensive knowledge and industry experience. For over 20 years, Jonathan has been instrumental heading up key accounts like GAP and OLD NAVY to bring their ideas to life.

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If you’re looking to learn what it takes to create an unforgettable student living experience, this webcast is can’t miss. Save the date for March 28, and click here to register!

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Heading to Interface Student Housing? Drop by Booth 906 to Meet Us

P.S., Looking to hear even more about who Morgan Li is and how we make things happen? You’re definitely going to want to say hi at Interface Student Housing this April!

We’re sending three of our brightest minds including CEO Andy Rosenband, Chief Creative Officer Tery Young, and Head of Sales Debra Knoll to discuss in great detail what hybrid production means and how it can help you overcome supply chain issues. Be sure to say hi over at Booth #906 and see our work!


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