Vault by Vans + Ralph Steadman

New York, NY


Vans, a longtime partner of MORGAN Li, joined forces with renowned British artist Ralph Steadman for Vault by Vans x Ralph Steadman, a new collection of footwear and apparel featuring near extinct animals from around the world to help raise awareness for animal endangerment. As a part of the partnership, Vans hosted a pop-up, donation-inspired exhibition in NYC benefiting WildAid to bolster support for its conservation efforts.

The MORGAN Li team was tasked with creating an interactive, time-controlled machine that aided in generating contributions for the cause. From original concept to installation, we spent just four weeks designing, value engineering and producing this project. The result was a creative, innovative adaptation of a modern-day vending machine that illuminated to momentarily reveal Steadman’s artwork upon inserting a cash donation into the device.

At MORGAN Li, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of custom retail fixtures and casegood solutions for our partners. This is a great example of how we took a very unique concept, implemented our design and craftmanship, and delivered a custom solution that met our partner’s needs and timeline.

This project was special to our MORGAN Li family — not only because it allowed us to flex our creative muscles and continue to deliver exceptional work for a valued partner, but because it allowed us to contribute to a mission we truly believe in.

In support of the cause, MORGAN Li donated $5,000 towards WildAid and its efforts to provide crucial support to end illegal wildlife trade, provide marine protection and reduce environmental impacts worldwide.

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