Metal Fabrication

Whether it’s simple hardware, a significant element, or the whole space, you can trust in us to take your vision and make it a reality. At Morgan Li, metal fabrication runs in our blood—and it has for nearly eight decades.

Metal fabrication welding

Weld it, bend it, cut it and more—Morgan Li has the capabilities to make it happen. Metal is and will always be a key element of your space and Morgan Li’s history. So when you’re looking to work with a company with the skill, expertise and equipment to transform sheets, tubes and wires into the fixtures and furniture you need, look no further.

When you work with Morgan Li, you’re working with a team who has been there, done that, and seen it all. Staffed by some of the best in the business, our team has worked with the nation’s top brands to match specifications and smash expectations.

What We Do

When our partners need the blend of craftsmanship and scale, they turn to Morgan Li. With decades of experience in metal fabrication, we pivoted into the custom fixture and furniture space in the last decade and never looked back.

Trusted by the biggest brands, the boldest players, and the most passionate retail and hospitality professionals in the business, we combine skill, scale, and creative execution to get your job done on time and on budget.

How We Do It

Give the Right People the Right Equipment

With a seamless design-to-manufacturing process, the scale to take on the biggest projects, and the state-of-the-art equipment needed to do the job right on-time and on-budget, we’ve got you covered. Spread across eight buildings and more than half a million square feet in our Chicago Heights, IL production space, we’re ready to take on your biggest, boldest jobs.

From welding to bending, shearing, cutting, punching, and routing, we do it all. Here are just some of the machines we use to transform wires, tubes, and sheets into something memorable.

Laser Cutting

Sharp and clean edges, repeatable cuts, and maximum precision—laser cutting makes it easy. Our laser cutting equipment combines the computer-assisted design skills of our engineering department with computer numerical control (CNC) to cut perfectly every time.

Over the years, we’ve made significant investments in fiber optic laser cutting equipment from the experts at Bystronic. These machines are fast and can handle a wide range of flat-sheet metal materials.

  • Bystronic ByStar Fiber Laser Cutter 2000
  • Bystronic ByStar Fiber Laser Cutter 3000

Robotic Welding

When it needs to be perfect and repeatable, robotic welding is the only way to go. One of our biggest investment areas in the past few years has been in robotic welding, installing multiple robotic welders to supplement our staff. Programmed to take on intricate welds in tight spaces, recurring jobs, or complex projects, our investment in robotic welders ensures that the job gets done. Here’s what we’re using:

  • FANUC Robotic Welders (2)

Bending & Forming

From simple L-shapes to complex formations, forming and bending plays a significant role in the fixture and furniture creation process. When bad angles and incorrect materials can derail a project, it pays to work with a partner who has the expertise, equipment, and technology to get the job done.

At Morgan Li, our metal forming arsenal is diverse enough to tackle anything you may need. With eight press brakes and dies designed to handle an endless variety of widths and force needs, a 3-D wire former able to handle up to 32 axes, and a variety of other equipment, we can bend it.

Wire Forming

Wire often takes on a variety of intriguing, rarely-two-dimensional shapes within a fixture. 3D wire bending makes this happen, turning straight wire into complex parts. Using programmable 3D CNC wire forming equipment, we can transform wire into any design, repeat it a few thousand times, and have it ready for your space. It’s just that simple.

  • AIM 3D Wire Former

Press Brakes

Combining experience, expertise, and equipment, the combined efforts of our press brakes and operators ensures both accuracy and durability. From state-of-the-art CNC press brakes to good old-fashioned presses, we’re ready to shape, bend and form to exact specifications.

  • Di-Arco Press Brake
  • Bystronic80 Press Brake
  • Standard Press Brake
  • Bystronic160 Press Brake
  • 50 Ton Green Press Brake
  • Green Press Brake (2)
  • Bernardo Press Brake


Welding brings it all together. With dozens of welding units staffed by some of the most talented in the business, you can rest assured that materials are expertly bonded and seams are perfect. Here are the tools we use to get the job done:

MIG Welders

No matter the metal, fixtures and furniture need to be durable—especially at the seams. Combining durability and productivity, Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding is a perfect way for us to produce high-strength finished products that last. Here are the products we’re currently using to get the job done:

  • Millermatic 180 (1)
  • Millermatic 212 (3)
  • Millermatic 252 (2)
  • Millermatic 255 (6)
  • ESAB Rebel EMP 235ic (3)

TIG Welding

Precise, versatile, and best for creating strong bonds on thinner metals or smaller parts, TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas Welding and is used when small, high-quality welds are a must.

A much more complex process, our expertly trained TIG welding professionals are equipped with TIG welders from Lincoln Electric and Tweco to ensure that the final product comes out just like you’d expect:

  • Lincoln Electric TIG 175 TIG Welder (4)
  • Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 140HD
  • Tweco 3in1 Fabricator 141i

Spot Welding

Used to connect metal in a very small area, spot welding provides a way to keep costs low in the right circumstances. Spot welding is a complicated process requiring expert control over resistance and time. We’ve equipped our team with two spot welders from Stanco Welder & Machinery to weld metals for your custom fixtures and furniture.

Cutting & Shearing

Whether it’s shaping a product or removing unwanted material, cutting and shearing plays a key role in the custom fixture and furniture fabrication process. Used to minimize waste, quickly complete the job, and meet exact specifications, we’ve equipped our people with the best of the best. Paired with two Sunrise Ironworkers able to tackle a variety of punching, shearing, notching and bending needs, and we’re able to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • Cincinnati Shear
  • Sunrise Ironworker (2)

Punching & Stamping

The punching process is a key part of metal fabrication, and in it, precision is key. Our punching machinery combines precision, accuracy, and output to ensure that products come out just the way you’d expect.

At Morgan Li, we have a wide range of punch presses and tube punchers able to bring your project to life and turn both sheets and tubes into the custom fixtures and furniture you need.

  • Amada Punch Press
  • BSP Tube Puncher
  • Minster Punch Press
  • Bliss Punch Press
  • Walsh Punch Press

Morgan Li: More Than Made

Bring us your wildest designs. Your boldest plans. We want to see them, engineer them and build them. And more. We’ll work side by side with you, take your vision and make it reality.

As experts in creating custom fixtures, furniture, and graphics, we’re extremely well equipped to transform wood, metal, acrylic, and more into final products that transform spaces. Combining the expertise of hundreds of artisans with the best equipment in the business, and we’re ready to turn simple spaces into unforgettable experiences.

Get to know more about who we are and who we’ve helped, and contact us when you’re ready to get started.