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On time, on budget, and most importantly, just like the rendering. No matter how bold your plan or wild your design, we’re here to partner with you to ensure every single detail matches the specifications and shatters expectations. From concept to prototype and prototype to installation, Morgan Li’s design and engineering team lives by our promise—inspired experiences no matter what.

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Design & Engineering Services from
Morgan Li

Getting from vision to installation requires a whole lot of things to go right. Whether you’re starting with a napkin sketch or CAD file, it pays to work with a partner who’s as committed to providing a unique, engaging, and unforgettable experience as you are.

That’s where Morgan Li’s design and engineering team comes in. Part of any successful project, design and engineering sets the project up for every step that follows. From concept to prototype to finished product, our design and engineering teams are doing the work to ensure that your fixtures, furniture, and graphics come out exactly like we promise.

Rendering to reality design and engineering by Morgan Li

How We Work

Our design and engineering capabilities are only as good as the people, processes, and technologies involved in getting you from sketch to build. Communication, state-of-the-art CAD software, and decades of experience combine to ensure that the final build meets your exact specifications.

Throughout our process, we equip the best people with the latest technology to create renderings, prototypes, and final products that reduce costs and shorten the development cycle. Here’s how we make it happen:

Concept and Planning

During this early stage, we get to know what you need, want, and expect. Every aspect of brand direction, spatial and environmental concerns, brand experience, cost parameters, and logistical timing and installation are carefully planned and scheduled.


We look at expectations, prints, drawings, and spatial concerns and turn your concept to a 3-D model ready for rendering, prototyping, and production. We use the latest CAD software to lay the groundwork for future steps, create descriptive and conceptual models, and validate the concept.


With 3-D models in place, we’ll present you with a rendering of the product in your space, providing a clear vision of what you can expect when the product is installed.


When we promise your fixtures, furniture, and graphics end up “just like the rendering,” we don’t take shortcuts. Before we start building, you’ll be able to see and experience a prototype of your design to ensure everything is right.

Morgan Li: More Than Made

As a custom manufacturer with millions of square feet of global production space, we’re experts in making exactly what you need. Combined with project management, customer service, production, logistics, and installation, our process is designed to ensure that everything comes out just the way you’d expect.

Customers quickly grow to trust our structural intuition, our visual creativity, and most importantly, our transparent communication at every step of the process.

From the biggest job down to the smallest, we bring our experience, determination and unique manufacturing options to every partnership. No matter how big our capabilities we will always be small enough to provide our personal touch to every job.

Whether you need wood, metal, or print, we’re here to engineer and deliver the furniture, fixtures, and graphics needed to deliver an unforgettable experience. Get to know more about who we are, how we work, and who we’ve helped—and contact us to request a quote.