Logistics + Distribution

No one likes to wait. But when it comes to rolling out a new space, missed deadlines are simply unacceptable. When everything from employee training to marketing to ribbon cutting events rely on timely installation, it pays to partner with a company whose reputation for timeliness is second only to their reputation for quality. At Morgan Li, that’s how we do.

Finished wooden display tables for specialty retailer

Distribution, Logistics, & Warehousing from Morgan Li

As retailers continue to fight for customers, unused space isn’t only a way to lose revenue, it’s a way to turn away guests. Customers spend enough time staring at construction on their way to your store—they don’t need to deal with it during the shopping experience.

Trusted for over 75 years for quality, reliability, and on time, on budget delivery and installation, our clients know that when they come to Morgan Li, their project is in good hands.

Whether you turn to us to build it domestically or internationally, you can rest assured that we’re planning for every hiccup, meticulously tracking every product, and doing everything in our power to ensure that every item for your space arrives on time.

How We Work

Our distribution, logistics, and warehouse capabilities live at the intersection of people, processes, and technology. By combining an expert team of logistics professionals, facilities that make entrance, loading, and exit a breeze, and a technology stack able to track everything, we’re keeping things moving.

From initial consultation to production to installation, we’re putting in the work to track, facilitate, and organize everything to ensure timely and cost effective delivery. How do we make this happen?

Advanced Technology

As a modern, connected, and global manufacturer, we’ve chosen an ERP solution that keeps us—and our products—moving. Working with this connected solution, a Gartner Magic Quadrant “Visionary” for Product-Centric businesses has allowed us to connect our processes including purchasing, inventory, and finance.

End-to-End Analysis

Before we even give you a timeline, we carefully evaluate the program from sourcing to shipping to ensure that everything goes exactly the way we promise it. Whether we already have the materials in our significant warehouse space or need to secure it in order to build, we’re taking steps to have the right amount, material, and machine time planned.

Relationships and Global Distribution Networks

Not only do we have processes and equipment automated, our inbound and outbound distribution channels are kept moving thanks to the relationships we’ve built. From our tight connections with global production facilities to our partnerships with suppliers and shipping companies, we’re moving products quickly.

Morgan Li: More Than Made

From small jobs to national rollouts, we’re combining elbow grease and know-how to ensure every job comes out just as you’d expect. Our distribution and logistics capabilities are just part of what makes us the top choice for custom fixtures, furniture, and graphics. Paired with our expertise in design, engineering, production, and installation, we promise inspired experiences no matter what.

Whether you need wood, metal, or print, we’re here to engineer and deliver the furniture, fixtures, and graphics needed to deliver an unforgettable experience. Get to know more about who we are, how we work, and who we’ve helped—and contact us to request a quote.