Project Management + Customer Service

On-time, on-budget, and just like the rendering. Sounds simple. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Every single project requires every single thing to go right. Materials need to show up, machines need to be scheduled, and timelines need to be met.

Morgan Li Team

The smoothest outcomes are rarely as smooth as they appear. But with the right partner, you can rest assured that no matter how challenging the project is, you’re still getting the results you want. And that’s where our project management & customer service teams come in. At Morgan Li, we’ve built our business on organization, communication, and customer satisfaction. That’s how we do.

Project Management & Customer Service by Morgan Li

Getting from project approval to final sign-off requires a whole lot of things to go right. Organization, communication, and adaptability are key to project success. And that’s where our project management and customer service teams come in.

Combined with the expertise of the production staff, hands-on approach from senior partners, and constant communication, and you can rest assured that everything goes according to plan.

How We Work

We’re tirelessly working to get the job done right on time, every time. From the production staff to the executive team, we carefully orchestrate every element to ensure that each project goes exactly as planned.

Throughout our process, we equip the best people with the latest technology to plan, build, and logisti-size every element of the process, reducing costs and shortening the development cycle. Here’s how we make it happen:

Dedicated Account Supervisor

At Morgan Li, every client is assigned a dedicated account supervisor who functions as a constant liaison between customer, Morgan Li production coordinators, and management. No matter the size of your project, you’re going to feel like a priority—and get the same service as our biggest partners.

Hands-On Leadership

Customer service isn’t simply a role or a skill, it’s a part of who we are. Since our founding by corporate patriarch Maurice Rosenband in 1943, open communication and excellent service have been passed down from generation to generation. Three generations and nearly eight decades later, company executives Andy and Jonathan Rosenband continue this tradition of service and excellence.

No Surprises

Our customers don’t like surprises, and neither do we. That’s why an ongoing dialog is invaluable to keeping clients informed, and projects on a steady course. Especially with today’s tumultuous business and supply chain landscape, you need a partner who is going to give you peace of mind. And that’s something you get when you work with us.

Agile and Adjustable

For every successful project, hundreds of smaller things have to go right under the surface. Unforeseen obstacles and production glitches can play havoc with a production schedule. The management team at Morgan Li has a knack for adapting, and adjusting, to potential delays or production revisions without breaking stride.

Morgan Li: More Than Made

With decades of experience, a strong process, and some of the best people in the world, we’re putting in the work to ensure the job gets done right. Our customer service and project management capabilities are second to none—so whether you need custom fixtures, furniture, or graphics, we’re working to get the job done on time and on budget.

From the biggest job down to the smallest, we bring our experience, determination and unique manufacturing options to every partnership. No matter how big our capabilities we will always be small enough to provide our personal touch to every job.

Whether you need wood, metal, or print, we’re here to engineer and deliver the furniture, fixtures, and graphics needed to deliver an unforgettable experience. Get to know more about who we are, how we work, and who we’ve helped—and contact us to request a quote.