common space in Park Michigan Chicago, furniture and graphics by Morgan Li
furniture and wall art at Park Michigan Chicago made by Morgan Li
Common Area in Park Michigan Chicago Apartments with furniture from Morgan Li
furnished room located in park michigan chicago
Workspace at Park Michigan Chicago with Furniture by Morgan Li
Park Michigan Chicago Meeting Room with furniture and graphics
Wall graphics in hallway in Park Michigan Chicago
Common space at Park Michigan Chicago with furniture from Morgan Li
Decorated room in Park Michigan Chicago with graphics and furniture in background
tables and chairs in common area at Park Michigan Chicago apartments
Office in Park Michigan Chicago Apartments with furniture and graphics from Morgan Li
Park Michigan wall graphics

Park Michigan

Park Michigan is the new-age luxury living experience within reach. Enhanced living and design makes coming home a pleasure. Each spacious, light-filled apartment boasts custom details and caters to a variety of needs. Units boast views of Michigan Avenue, Lake Michigan and Downtown Chicago. Architects at this space had high expectations for their public areas and leveraged the entirety of Morgan Li’s capabilities including wood, metal, and print. This resulted in stunning furniture, wall graphics, and a completely transformed space communicating the luxury and hospitality residents hoped for.