The Sill Cashwrap by custom retail display manufacturer Morgan Li

The Sill

Founded in 2012 to help demystify the world of horticulture, The Sill was born on a simple premise: Plants make people happy.

Once an online plant delivery business, founder Eliza Blank has since brought this concept in store with locations in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and most recently, Chicago. Aiming to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive space for shoppers, The Sill turned to Morgan Li.

About the Client: The Sill

From Kickstarter campaign to multimillion-dollar plant business, The Sill has built a cult following around houseplants.

After the company’s founder, Eliza Blank, moved from her rural Massachusetts town to New York City for school, she quickly found out how important plants were. Surrounded by drab colors in her NYC high-rise, Blank was looking for simple greenery—only to find a lack of companies both online and in-store catering to her needs.

In her interview with The Helm, Blank joked, “I wasn’t interested in growing roses in Connecticut, […] I just wanted to have some house plants in a s****y apartment in New York City.” And with this, the Sill was born.

Initially a direct to consumer ecommerce play, the company saw new opportunities to bring consumers closer by launching select bricks-and-mortar locations.


About the Project

Project Location: 1351 W Roscoe Street, Chicago, IL

Located in the heart of Lakeview, the newest location of The Sill opened in June 2021 and is already turning heads. But unlike other locations, Chicago is home to dozens of similar plant shops in the area. The Sill needed something to help them stand out.

Looking to provide a warm, welcoming, and clean environment for shopping, plant care classes, and more, environmental designers had a good picture of what they wanted to accomplish. To get there, however, they needed a company ready and able to deliver. That’s when they turned to Morgan Li.

Local and able to deliver on the wood-heavy designs of the facility, Morgan Li worked with The Sill to create a bright and fun atmosphere that showcases the plants and coordinates customer traffic. Perimeter systems and shelving, cashwrap solutions, and display tables combine to create an atmosphere that invites even the most plant-fearful person.


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