Morgan Li Display at BDWest 2019

MORGAN Li Awarded Winner for Best Exhibit at BDwest


Chicago Heights, Ill. – MORGAN Li, the leading manufacturer of custom fixtures and casegoods for the retail and hospitality industries, was declared the winner at BDwest’s 2019 convention for the best exhibit at the show.

Morgan Li Heads to BDwest, Wins Best Exhibit

Featuring its signature bunkbed, closet fixtures and hospitality furniture solutions, along with MORGAN Li’s design-leading aesthetic and attention-to-detail, the booth has been one of the most visited spots throughout the two-day convention in Los Angeles.

“When you put a booth together for a big show like this, it needs to reflect the work and design we bring to our clients,” said Tery Young, Chief Creative Officer of MORGAN Li. “So that makes this all the more meaningful, because this is only the tip of the iceberg in what we create for our customers, but it’s exciting and an honor to receive this recognition.”

Continued Growth in Hospitality Space

MORGAN Li has experienced tremendous growth within the hospitality space, bolstering its client portfolio to include The Wheelhouse Hotel and the Ritz Carlton, among others. Over the past year, MORGAN Li has further expanded its capabilities within the hospitality industry, delivering a wide range of custom solutions from guest room furnishings to retail shops. Learn more about our continued expansion into the hospitality space and get to know about our projects here.

About BDwest 2019

Boutique Design West (BDwest) is the premier trade fair and conference for hospitality design professionals based or working in the western U.S., Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. Attendees enjoy a VIP sourcing experience in an elevated atmosphere, with a heightened emphasis on education and a degree of personalized service unparalleled in the hotel industry.

Morgan Li Display at BDWest 2019

Morgan Li at BDwest 2019

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