Abby Hotel becomes Positive Directions TRP Academy

Morgan Li Supports Abby Hotel Renovation for TRP Academy

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Though helping out the community may not always result in the most glamorous work, it is some of our favorite.

As a custom manufacturer renowned for our ability to take on the boldest designs of our clients, we’re always willing and able to put in the effort needed to give back to the local community.

That’s why we’re excited to talk about our work on one of the best new things coming to San Francisco. Opened on September 9, 2021, TRP Academy was created to provide justice-involved men with a space to receive treatment, recover, and gain necessary skills needed to prevent relapse and recidivism.

With our very own Chief Creative Officer and resident San Franciscan Tery Young leading Morgan Li’s hospitality push, he was ecstatic to give back, helping the city turn the historic Abby Hotel into a place of healing.

What Is TRP Academy?

Positive Directions logoPositive Directions TRP Academy is a culturally responsive, peer-led, abstinence-based, therapeutic teaching community (TTC) and transitional housing program.

Combining the proven methodologies of Positive Directions Equals Change and the support of the San Francisco government, TRP (treatment, recovery, prevention) Academy is open to justice-involved men in the city.

By providing a regimen for recovery, therapeutic teaching, transitional housing, and a sense of community for these individuals, TRP Academy focuses on whole-person care and overall lifestyle improvements.


Transforming the Historic Abby Hotel

Positive Directions TRP Academy Interior Hallway

Located at 630 Geary Street, the Abby Hotel once provided a no frills, hostel-style space for travelers. With communal bathrooms and simple amenities in the space, the hotel closed, only to be repurposed as student housing before the lease with the San Francisco Art Institute expired in 2020.

As with any building in San Francisco, the space was precious, so immediately after the lease expired, plans were in place to update the former hotel.

Many things needed to be changed to create this space for healing. Communal bathrooms were replaced with private spaces. TRP Academy needed a new commercial kitchen to support the needs of residents. The future community needed a community space.

Getting all of this done was no small task. Renovations are challenging in this city, but when it came to planning the space and leading the charge, the city turned to Morgan Li’s Tery Young.

To transform the 59-room hotel into a transitional housing facility, community area, and living space, Morgan Li provided design and project management support to reimagine the space and lead the renovation.

Chief Creative Officer Tery Young worked with the academy to install efficient private bathrooms for each guestroom in the historic hotel, while providing additional leadership on the creation of the shared community space and kitchen.

A Space for Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention

TRP Academy Launch Event

Opening to significant fanfare on September 9, 2021, TRP Academy was called historic. Attendees including San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Board of Supervisors member Ahsha Safai, SFAPD Reentry Division Director Steve Adami and more came to the Thursday night event celebrating the facility’s opening.



Morgan Li Hospitality: Transforming Spaces, Improving Lives

From our work at TRP Academy and I PROMISE Village to spaces including the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, we’re flexible enough to do it all. This project has been incredibly exciting and we’re ecstatic to see the new space open.

As a custom manufacturer and leader in the hospitality industry, we’ve worked with architects, designers, and more to help transform hotels, apartments, community housing places, and more. With 600,000 feet of domestic production space and 3.2 million more internationally, we’ve combined craftsmanship with scale to provide our clients with furniture, fixtures, and graphics—and so much more.

Get to know more about our work, our team, and our capabilities, and click here to reach out.


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