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  • Strategies to Steal from Leading Boutique Hotels

    Over the past few months, we’ve dug deep into the world of boutique hotels. From our initial look into...
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    The Boutique Renaissance: The Many Flavors of Boutique Hotels

    The boutique hotel world continues to get more intriguing. Following decades in the underground, catering to travelers in the...
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    The Rise of Boutique Hotels: A Brief History

    Boutique hotels have become incredibly popular in the past decade. Authentic, local, experience-based, and personalized, guests have flocked to...
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    The New Generation of “Gas” Stations: Who Is Today’s EV Driver?

    As EVs become more popular, gas stations and convenience spaces have an opportunity to create a new profit stream....
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    Shorter Supply Chains and Reliability Are Key to Overcoming Shortages

    If you haven’t heard, we’re facing a supply chain crisis. Car manufacturers can’t get chips, customers can’t get paper...
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    The Boutique Hotel Renaissance: What Is a Boutique Hotel?

    For most of their 4,000-plus year history, not much has changed in the hotel world. From their birth in...
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