With all the competition out there, a unique brand identity is crucial for creating lasting relationships with your customers. From your logo to your values, your retail displays should ooze your brand identity. Customers who see one of your displays should know immediately – that’s your brand. And now, as you get ready for a holiday season where people are shopping at stores they don’t normally frequent, and are generally more open to buying from new brands – how you communicate your brand needs to be on point, as well as festive.

Consistency in Every Single Detail

According to a study by the University of Loyola, Maryland – color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.  Combine that with the fact that according to a survey by Lucidpress, consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23%. If you make color and consistency the cornerstones of your holiday display efforts you can’t help but succeed!

Whether its holiday displays or every day representations of your brand, it’s important that you are consistent. A global study of more than 3,000 consumers by SDL revealed that 90% of consumers expect that their experience with a brand will be similar wherever they experience it.

And the in store experience is still important with 70% of those aged 55+ saying that in-store browsing is their top resource and surprisingly 57% for those aged 18-29.

If all these numbers don’t get you excited about focusing on driving through your brand identity as you design your holiday experiences, think about this: a whopping 66% of consumers say they are willing to pay a premium for a positive customer experience.

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