cash wrap, floor displays, and shelving at Santa Monica Brooklinen location by Morgan Li
Cash wrap and arch at Brooklinen Santa Monica by custom retail display manufacturer Morgan Li
Custom furniture and retail displays at Brooklinen Santa Monica by Morgan Li
POP and cash wrap at Brooklinen Santa Monica by custom display manufacturer Morgan Li
Minimalist retail space at Brooklinen Santa Monica with custom fixtures by Morgan Li
Santa Monica Brooklinen store with custom retail displays by Morgan Li
Wood floor displays and arch at Brooklinen Santa Monica store with custom displays by Morgan Li


The Internet’s Favorite Sheets continues to storm into the world of physical retail. Now up to seven of forty stores planned by the end of 2024, Brooklinen’s quest to provide customers with affordable and approachable luxury has brought the brand fame, funding, and profitability.

Part of the company’s West Coast expansion including new stores in Portland and San Francisco, designers and brand leaders needed to create a space that was both unique to the location and consistent with the brand’s other spaces. Luckily, they had a partner they could trust: Morgan Li.

Following successful fixture programs for Brooklinen’s early flagship stores, Morgan Li has continued to provide support for the company’s clicks-to-bricks journey. As with other Brooklinen projects, custom millwork features heavily in the space, as well as a subway tile cashwrap that pays homage to the company’s subway takeover advertising campaigns. And as always, Morgan Li was able to complete the project on time, on budget, and as always—just like the rendering.

Morgan Li: Taking Direct-to-Consumer Brands In Store

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