For retailers around the world – July is très difficile! Because as we’re experiencing 90 degree temps and 90% humidity – we need to be THINKING like its 10 degrees and snowing! That’s because we need to think like it’s CHRISTMAS… in JULY!

So planners crank up the AC and put on the hat with the pom pom, and try to get in the mindset of the last minute holiday shopper. What are they thinking in December that we need to tap into? They say to themselves. According to Pamela N. Danziger, contributor over at Forbes, customers are “driven today not by a passion to acquire more things, but by a deep desire for more experiences. Retailers will work to give them those experiences.”

To leverage this desire for experiences, retailers need to make it not only look like Christmas but also FEEL like Christmas – everywhere the consumer looks, every action they take and every way that they experience the brand.

From Restoration Hardware’s wine bars and House of Van’s installing skate parks, both offering unique in store shopping experiences, the days of set it and forget it static displays are over. As they plan the holiday displays retailers, need to see them a part of the whole – look for way to provide that unique experience by using all of the many tools at their disposal – including the holiday displays. Retailers need to tap into as many senses as possible in a well-planned delivery of the user experience.

So many retailers pull out the tired tree and garland and try to get away (for just one more year) with doing what they did for the last 10 years. In 2018 retailers need to step it up. From the window display to the sale bins – it doesn’t just have to look festive – it needs to BE FESTIVE.

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