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On time, on budget, and most importantly, just like the rendering. No matter how bold your plan or wild your design, we’re here to partner with you to ensure every single detail matches the specifications and shatters expectations. From concept to prototype and prototype to installation, Morgan Li’s design and engineering team lives by our promise—inspired experiences no matter what.


Rendering to reality design and engineering by Morgan Li

Fixtures, furniture, and graphics aren’t simply decorations built to tie the room together—they’re part of your brand. Especially at a time when brand loyalty is lower than ever, you need a partner who’s as committed to providing a unique, engaging, and unforgettable experience as you.

Trusted by brands, agencies, graphic designers, architects, programmers, and planners to deliver precision, speed, and attention to detail, Morgan Li’s design and engineering team works closely with you to instill confidence at every phase.

Our Story

For over 75 years, Morgan Li has poured our minds, hearts, and sweat into every detail of spaces around the globe, employing only the best and brightest to help you transform your vision into reality.

When you work with Morgan Li, you’re working with a team who has been there, done that, seen it all, and who approaches each customer’s project as if it was our name printed on the display. Combining the art, science, and elbow grease needed to get the job done, you can rest easy knowing that there isn’t a more innovative—or experienced—industrial design group in the business.

How We Work | Design & Engineering

Client connection and communication is paramount. Before a visual application is even conceived, every aspect of brand direction, spatial and environmental concerns, brand experience, cost parameters, and logistical timing and installation are carefully planned and scheduled.

Speed is critical. So is precision.

Our attention to detail simply streamlines the approval process. With a strategy in place, our in-house design team takes charge, and there isn’t a more innovative, or experienced, industrial-design group in the business. Customers quickly grow to trust our structural intuition and our visual creativity.

Themed environments, well-conceived prototype design, expert material recommendation and exacting, 3-D-modeling fabrication expedite the project, and prepare the way for trouble-free engineering and manufacturing.

At Morgan Li our process is guided by a thorough blue print designed to instill confidence at every phase.

  • In-House Design Team
  • Specialist in Planning & Assembling Large Scale Projects
  • Rapid Proto-Typing Capabilities

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