Morgan Li team and award winning booth at Boutique Design West

Boutique Design West (BDwest) is the premier trade fair and conference for hospitality design professionals based or working in the western U.S., Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. Morgan Li made its way out to this high-profile event with a new space to show off our capabilities. Better yet? We took home an award for our work.

Morgan Li Heads to BDwest 2019

BDwest caters to hospitality design buyers and specifiers like no other trade fair in the industry, offering inventive products for hospitality interiors, a heightened focus on education, an exhibit floor built for productivity and a degree of personalized service unparalleled in the hotel industry.

Best in Show

MORGAN Li exhibited at this year’s conference, ultimately being declared the winner for the best exhibit at the show. Featuring its signature bunkbed, closet fixtures and hospitality furniture solutions, along with MORGAN Li’s design-leading aesthetic and attention-to-detail, the booth was one of the most visited spots throughout the two-day convention in Los Angeles.

Award-winning booth at boutique design west 2019

Beyond BDwest: Morgan Li Hospitality Around the World

We’ve helped hospitality businesses transform spaces and deliver unforgettable experiences. Here are just some of our highlights:

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